This week: A Photo Diary

Some days suck and it gets really hard to convince yourself to keep on pressing forward, but then there are some gems in and between your pity parade...cherish them. 

Here are some of those gems

Being fortunate enough to go to the beach after work 
Matching Sandals, in Grenada we call these Dog Mussels 

That moment you discover the flowers on your cactus 
Then wait patiently for that 7 am morning glow 
Sweet sweet Marley, he has taken up residence in a basket in my room  
Luminescent 7 am light 
New Bloom on the flowers you planted 
My charismatic dog, Yogi 


  1. Tank you so much...inspiring a trip to Grenada?

  2. ah serious envy from these photos! Love this photo diary business, I may have to try it someday lol


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