Happy 41 years of Independence Grenada

For my friends and I a public holiday is a great excuse to get together and cook a pot. On Independence day that means an obligatory pot of oil down by the River.

It means packing our vehicles with large quantities of callalloo, breadfruit, fig and other ground provisions, salt meat, salt fish, flour for dumplings, freshly squeezed coconut milk and seasoning for our national dish: Oil Down. It means cases of beer and a lot of rum and coke! It means putting on your national colours and enjoying the authentic Grenadian experience. 

Once we get the the river we (read the men) start to build a fire and (read the women) get right down to pealing and cutting up the ingredients. Once the pot is packed it is time to relax. I am vegetarian so this year I had my own personal mini pot of oil down (last year I  survived on chips and rum).

We chose to go back to Balthazar River (which is on the way to Grenville, St. Andrew if you pass over the Grand Etang), it is at the spot where you can go River Tubing.  I hope you enjoy this collection of images.

How did you spend your day?

If you are not from Grenada what are some of your traditions for Independence Day?

These kids are the best! They jump from the tree into a not so deep river...NO FEAR!
There was a small issue with getting the first started...but it all worked out in the end.
Now we cooking! 
My Tiny Oil Down!
Time to Relax 
The Paul Family cooling down with some light refreshments


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