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New Moon Musings- Dancing with Your Darkness

I have this theory that all magic, especially our personal magic, is born out of darkness. Since it is almost New Moon I thought this post was timely.
Think about it- babies are born out of their mother's womb where they grew and mature while nurtured in the darkness. When they are birthed earthside they are fully prepared, once healthy, to live in this world. The new moon is a time where powerful intentions are set for the next moon cycle because the darkness provides us with a blank canvas. Seeds are covered and nurtured while buried in complete darkness to bring forth new life and the stars are more mesmerizing when the sky is at its darkest. 
"If you are really brave your ass is chanting too"
We find ourselves the era of new wave spirituality- where we talk, write, sing and spend a lot of time posting on social media about mindfulness, inner peace, emotional intelligence, meditation, channeling, intuition, new and full moon circles,  creating safe spaces and yoga. It s…

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