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Hamburg Travel Diary

Dear Soul Adventurers,

The truth is that this blog post has had many incarnations both as typed drafts and floating ideas plucked from the universe then released once again. I am finding it hard to stick to my schedule but I know it is important to be disciplined because many of you actually look forward to my content-and I appreciate the good thing we have going on. 
For those who follow along on the gram, you know that I recently travelled to Hamburg and London with N. She is such a great travel companion- of course...she is my daughter after all. This trip meant lots of days on the move, I hate to stagnate when I am in a different city or country- the wanderlust adrenaline relentlessly urges me to explore. One of the hallmarks of this trip was a strong feeling of connection to a loving and guiding unseen force- call it what you may. I think all the time I spent moving around in primarily nature filled spaces had a lot to do with that. I usually feel most connected and present in n…

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