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17 Amazing Things that Happened in 2017

Its a brand new year and many of us stand here bright eyed and bushy tailed firmly believing that this one will be the best yet. I stand here with you...I am one of those people!!! One of those new year, new man, new plan people...I am into the vision boards, the intention setting, the plots, the plans, the yearly themes the new bullet journal spread.

But...before I enthusiastically forge ahead onto unchartered territory I want to take this moment to reflect on 2017--on the victories, the lessons and the proverbial ah ha moments. This is the foundation on which I build for a whole new cycle of manifesting abundance (us  melenials love us some manifesting abundance).

Last year I wrote a post called 16 Amazing Things that Happened in 2016 and many of you loved it...In fact is is my most popular post to date. I figured I could make it into a tradition of sorts (no promises though).

Here we go- The Top 17 things I loved about 2017

1. Tribe- Building Positive Communities and Networking

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