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Creative Healing- A Retreat

I once watched this movie called About Time. It is  a lovely romance (well atleast in my opinion) with a quirky twist: the main male character had the ability to travel in time- it was a gift that each male member of his family had. When he was first told by his father about this gift he asked what he did with it. His father said he read all the books that he could...and he read them several times. The other gem his father shared was that he relived life’s more challenging moment with a less tense approach knowing that in the end things usually worked out. You know those times where we are so wrapped up in what is happening that we forget that you have a choice in how you experience that time...this is what the father was talking about.

For me, as a mom (my go to example as we all know), there are lots of times where I feel  I need to brace myself for challenges. There is the daily challenge of getting out of the house and being punctual- something usually goes awry- especially when at…

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