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Rediscovering Scuba Diving - A Healing Journey

The truth is I am tired and am suffering from serious writers block. I am struggling with expressing myself- I feel disconnected from myself and it sucks. However, I have a schedule to keep here on the blog and forming the habit of being more consistent is more important than my ego. Elizabeth Gilbert , Author of Eat Prey Love and Big Magic says "Done is better than perfect". I am allowing that to give me permission to press on. Luckily, blogging allows me to be human and just put the truth out there with the hope that my human experience resonates with my readers. 
Here we go...
I discovered the all consuming bliss of floating under the sea only hearing the sound of bubbles and observing colourful and interesting aquatic life the summer after I turned 16. That was the year I learned to scuba dive. Some say that diving is the closest you can come to flying.

Fast forward to now, 13 years later, a time where we are constantly connected, answering messages, updating and consuming …

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