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Grenada Soul Adventurer Favourites, Social Media Milestones and Giveaway

I recently hit the 1,500 followers mark on Instagram and wanted to pause and thank everyone who has been with me on this journey. Throughout the years my readership and engagement has grown. I have learned a whole lot on this Soul Adventure and I look forward to the future and sharing it with all of you.

Youtube creators and bloggers often  do monthly or current favorites and I have gained a lot of inspiration from them. Therefore in celebration of this milestone  I am doing my part and putting my 2 cents into the inter webs about things I have thoroughly enjoyed and continue to enjoy and would recommend without a second thought. I am also announcing two giveaways in this post- one international (which includes Grenada) and one exclusively for my Grenadian audience. Without further ado my favorites...

1. Book
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Ugh! If you follow me on instagram you know the love affair I have with books. Just check out my daily stories, chances are I have posted an excerpt …

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