Whipped Cocoa Butter

It's official! My homemade Whipped Cocoa Butter is now available for sale. I am quite proud of my creation. Most of my creative work is mental and on a screen. It is wonderful  to work with my hands to make something I can feel and smell- I did not know I missed this very grounding aspect of creating.

For the past 9 years I have worked towards keeping my skin and haircare simple and as natural as possible. It is comforting to know that what I put on your body is safe to put in my body.

This whipped butter simply smells delightful. A beautiful balance of coconut and chocolate notes. After taking a sniff the most common reaction I see next is someone going in for a taste.

All my ingredients are 100 % natural and indigenous to my home island Grenada. No mysterious and scary ingredient lists here! Just nature and love.

If you are interested in purchasing some send me an e-mail gndadventurer@gmail.com or slide into my Instagram DMs. 


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