Once Upon a Time in The Blue City: My Chefchaouen, Morocco Photo Diary

Chefchaouen is located in the northern region of Morocco. We got there via Tangier from Marrakech by taking a night train and a coach. 

Chefchaoune put me at ease immediately and it was just the contrast to busy and bustling Marrakech that I needed at that point in the trip. It was one of the last days of Eid which meant that most of the shops and businesses were closed. However, enough restaurants and stalls and attractions were open to keep us mesmerised for our 48 hour stint. 

I first saw images of the City on Lonely Planet's instagram account and knew that I had to visit it while in Morocco. For months I would google and pinterst images and they all gave me the same vibe, serenity.  I hope you enjoy the Soul Adventure through the perspective of ever eager lens. 

The view from our room in La Casa Perleta
Cats everywhere!
Everyone was on chill mode
"This is my Mohammed" his father said to me, I think the word son escaped him in that moment, but it made the introduction that much more memorable
"And this is my wife", he said. What a gentle and creative soul! 

Can you tell from my expression, the good vibes were flowing 
I think at this point gratitude radiated some much I had to twirl
El Kasbah
This is one fancy bathroom door
Oranges and Olives with everything!
Oh this store smelled so great!
Wandering through the Magical Blue Medina on our last day
My travel companion
Magic Carpets!


  1. I cant get over this awesome place, so beautiful <3

    1. It was an amazing experience, I feel so lucky to have been there

  2. Really beautiful place and awesome pictures!

  3. I am glad you enjoyed them! It is definitely worth a visit...atleast once


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