West Coast Cruising . Chocolate Sampling. River Basin Meditation

It has still been ridiculously hot in the Spice Isle and this Saturday the remedy was a trip to the river. The river we chose to visit is one in St. Mark near the Diamond Estate Chocolate Factory. We jumped into my little adventure mobile, lovingly called Eggplant or Eggy for short (on account of its funky colour) and headed up the scenic west coast which allows you to have a beautiful sea view all the way to Victoria, St. Mark. I asked my partner to do the driving because I wanted to be able to capture the experience. 

Fontenoy, St. George

Gouyave, St.  John 
Once we got off the main road just before the town of Victoria we headed up Diamond Street which eventually led us to the Diamond Estate Chocolate Factory. We had no choice but to stop at the factory when we saw that they were open. We were not able to do an impromptu tour but the chocolate samples and gift shop more than made up for  that.

Diamond Chocolate Factory, the makers of Jouvay Chocolate 
Samples Samples Samples!!!!

The gift shop was stocked with chocolate bars of varying percentages of cocoa concentration and varieties of flavours and textures and sizes (including a 2 lbs bar for the extreme chocolate lovers). My personal favourite was the 60 % with nutmeg flavour, it must be the Grenadian in me that would gravitate to the nutmeg (whispers...Respect the Nutmeg). Also on sale were cocoa nibs, cocoa tea balls and pure cocoa butter. It was a small slice of cocoa heaven!

Pure Cocoa Nibs and Cocoa Tea Balls 
2 lbs Chocolate Bars, they were bigger than my head!
Just lush pure green goodness, you can't help but feel at peace when you are here. 
Baby Cocoa Pod 

All the ingredients for the chocolate bar I loved so much were growing just a few minutes drive from the factory. Talk about knowing where your food comes from!

Finally, the River basin I would soak in for about two hours. 
All of Grenada's Prime Ministers to date painted on a wall in Victoria, St. Mark 
Yoga Babe Dawnelle is back in the Spice Isle and ready for Soul Adventures!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, still practicing but I am happy with the way they came out too.

  2. Nice photos, as always Sheba.
    I just published my article about Tufton Hall yesterday ... so next time you're at St. Marks River make sure to walk up a bit. It's incredibly gorgeous (as all of Grenada of course :-) )
    P.S.: I love Eggplant as a name for a car ... :-)

    1. I wanted to walk up a bit but we were limited in time and we had already spent some good time just soaking in that first basin. Next time!

  3. Recently came across your blog and i'm loving it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I am happy it brings you joy Lioness. I intend to keep it up for as long as I can.

  4. Great blog!!

    If you like, come back and visit mine:

    Pablo from Argentina

  5. Seems like a delicious adventure. :D
    I'm glad to learn more about Diamond Chocolate Factory.
    Love the name Eggplant, it's like your 'Mystery Machine'.
    Your group is like the Eggy Gang :)

    1. I was enjoying that adventure until today when I had my last square of Jouvay Chocolate!

    2. Well, you know where you can always get more :)


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