Grenada Soul Adventurer Kitchen: Lemon Grass Ice Tea

Lately it has been unbearably hot in Grenada. It is the kind of heat  that makes me want to move into my fridge and consume copious amounts of ice lollies while in there! 

Last Sunday at yoga I had a delicious lemongrass limeade. It was so good I decided I needed to make my own rendition, the tea version...but of course! 

One of the things I love about living in Grenada is that most people have some sort of vegetation growing around their house. Luckily all the ingredients I needed were ready to pick straight from my yard. This way I know that with the exception of the sugar (which you can easily replace with honey or whatever other sweetener you desire) all my ingredients are fresh, organic and good for me.  This ice tea is packed with all sorts of goodness, especially from the superfood moringa which I added just for its impressive nutrient content (google it! It is amazing what this stuff packs). 

Anyhow on to the ingredients: 

6 leaves of lemon grass 
3 limes 
sugars/sweetener to taste
2 teaspoons moringa 

I used a standard sized juice jug, added all the ingredients and filled it about 3/4 way with hot water.  I let it steep for a few hours, the longer you steep the more the benefits from the ingredients infuse into your tea. Once the water has cooled to about room temperature you can fish out all the leaves and add ice or just store the tea in the fridge. I opted to leave all the ingredients in the jug and strain the tea for each individual cup.  

I found this tea to have a nice mellow flavour and it was very refreshing. If you like your tea to be more fruity I would advise adding more limes or even other citrus fruits. Its a pretty free style endeavour and almost anything goes as far as I am concerned.

Let me know if you tried this recipe or any version of it. Did you enjoy it as much as I did? 

Cheers (don't forget the eye contact)

Grenada Soul Adventurer 


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