Soul Adventure Sunday: A Photo Diary

Some Sundays we just wing it. Last Sunday we decided to head down to Galby Bay, the water is really rough but there is an amazing peninsular you can climb up to. From there we charted our path, wondering how the next visible peninsular could be reached. Some adventures are quiet, although you are with people you allow each other enough space to be with your thoughts and contemplate the beauty around you. 

The view from the path down to Galby Bay, St. David 
Galby Bay, St. David 
A coconut forest
That was scarier than I imagined 
The treck up to the Peninsular
Almost there
Ahhh there we have it
@irie_kingston and @junz110
We named him Moo Moo
Moo Moo and Aunty, we deciced she was babysitting
Tripple Shadow Selfie!
Mt. Carmel, St. Andrew
Beautiful Irie


  1. lovely shots of a beautiful adventure lady.

  2. Yes!!! Take me there now! great pics


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