Carriacou Healing: A Photo Diary

My weekend in Carriacou was spent at the beach, at the Kayak Cafe, in a bus accidentally touring the island at sunset and strolling down Main Street in Hilsborough. The town is basically one street and so it feels like a really manageable place to be. It was a great opportunity to think, to write and to read. What I enjoyed most was the silence and an environment free from demands of everyday life. I suppose that is what a vacation is, I really needed it and Carriacou had just the pace I longed for.
The view from the dock in Hilsborough
The Church Next to my Guest House
Main Street, Hilsborough

My view from Kayak Cafe
The Doggy Friend I made on my way to the beach at Tyrrel Bay 
So many boats inhabited by so many Adventurers (I can imagine)
I was alone for a few hours and I soaked up the sun on that beautiful bench after my dip in that gorgeous ocean 
I had to make it to this lookout point and soak that view into every fiber on my being. When I returned to the bus the woman in the front seat asked whether I had etched into my memory sufficiently

Beach Front  
Last Dip


  1. Beautiful shots!
    The silence and peacefulness is exactly what I love about Carriacou.

    P.S.: Yeah, I can write comments easily! :-)

    1. Glad you enjoyed them, Carriacou is a great and accessible getaway for people in Grenada

  2. Beautiful. Thank you fior cataloguing this beauty that is all ours to dip into whenever we want. So easily we forget!

    1. Taking pictures for the blog is equally as much of a pleasure as the writing...they sort of inspire each other


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