Grenada Soul Adventurer in Chefchaoune, Morocco 

There is a measure of wisdom that can be acquired while Soul Adventuring.
I consider each yoga practice to be an opportunity to learn and grow, to adventure to the boarders of your comfort zone and push past them. It is also it is a time to be introspective and mindful. Here are a few lessons I learned while Soul Adventuring through Yoga that I believe translate into life lessons that I would like to share with you. 
1. Maintain a beginners attitude: This does not mean that you make excuses not to push yourself because you are a beginner.It is the attitude that there is always something to be learned and growth to be had.
2. Put on your blinkers: This one is tough because a lot of us are competitive and we stake our value on out performing others. Your yoga practice is just that, it is yours. You should only be focused on what is happening on your mat and/or the guidance that your teacher gives you or the class. You need to give yourself the space to accept where you are at and be inspired to grow in your practice. Don’t let the other yogis in the class who may have a deeper down dog or who are standing on their heads discourage you. Know that they have worked hard and stayed disciplined enough to reach to that stage in their practice and that with dedication and practice you too can grow deeper in your practice.
3. Focus or Loose Balance: The number one thing that is always said when leading a yogi in a balance pose it to focus on one point ahead of them. It is a matter of training your mind not be be distracted and to remain completely in the moment. It is similar in life, if we loose focus we begin to flounder and then the next thing you know you are flapping our arms just to stay upright and in some cases we find ourselves on the ground.
4. It is alright to fall: I am not saying to slack of because you know it is alright to fall. Give the pose all your focus and attention and try to maintain it as best you can with where you are in your practice. However, if after giving it your all you flounder and fall, it is alright. Just make sure that you reflect on what may have caused the fall and make a conscious effort work on your weaknesses until you fall less. Its most important not to beat yourself up about it, learn your lesson and move on!
5. Some days are just harder than others: I can’t tell you how often I have practiced certain poses and yet I still find myself straining to do them when at other times I have no problems. It could be that I am not focused enough, or that I have not practiced in a while or that my alignment is off or that my body is physically incapable of holding a posture that particular day because it is that time of the month and my body slightly weaker generally. Take the shitty days in stride knowing that on other days your practice flows almost seamlessly and that life is about the journey.
6. Practice, Practice, Practice! : You may have made so much progress in your practice but if you slack off for an extended period of time you will feel it. You will feel it during your practice and you will probably feel it the next day. Stay consistent and disciplined and you can reach all the goals you have set for yourself.
7. Practice for you! Do not practice to please or impress your teacher and your fellow yogis, its a personal thing and if your heart is not in it, or you are too focused on outside opinions you will not get all there is to be had from yoga. In life it makes no sense to do things for the good of others if it is not good for you. After one class I remember my teacher saying that if you yourself are not working on your own positive state of mind you cannot spread positivity (or something to that effect). It resonated with me because I feel as though we are often told to sacrifice our own bliss for the greater good or be labeled as selfish. It is not selfish to do things for own happiness!
You are limitless: To the none yogi some of the crazy moves we bust may seems life threatening or damn near impossible. What has kept me excited about the practice is that it has taught me that what seems impossible can be achieved through practice and focus and that I am limitless!
The lessons I learn or the moments of clarity I have during my practice are not limited to what I have shared. I am certain that new lessons will illuminate as I continue to practice. I am happy that I stumbled upon yoga because it has been a source of solace and peace over this past year. I am a firm believer in taking it to the mat, whatever it is.
If you are ever in Grenada and want to find a studio or teacher check out these places.
Grenada Fountain of Youth Yoga Studio in Grand Anse, St. George (you can also find them on facebook)
Spice Harmony Yoga Studio in Calivigny, St. George (you can also find them on facebook)
I want to extend heartfelt gratitude to my teachers Dawnelle, Mit Sukha, Maliaka and Kecia you are AWESOME!


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