Fellow Soul Adventurers!

Today I am going to tell you about something that has become a permanent fixture in my weekly adventuring: Hashing

For those of you who are not familiar with hashing it is a run, walk or crawl through the most breathtaking locations on the island. You will find yourself walking through, rivers, mud, dirt, people’s gardens, quarries, the demarcation of land and sea (and by land I mean rocks and cactus), rainforest, the beach and climbing mountains and running down hills all while following a paper trail that leads you back to your starting point. It takes place every Saturday at 4pm.

To me the most rewarding part (apart from the killer workout) is the views from the mountains that will send you into a state of deep appreciation for nature and its beauty.

They say hashers and alcoholics with a running problem. After a hash there will be a huge gathering where local dishes (or sometimes not so local dishes) are sold and drinks are consumed as the socialising continues while the music makes you sway your hips to the rhythm of infectious soca as well as a range of genres. The Grenada Hash Hound Harriers always have a special deal for Beers, sometimes 3 for 10 and on super special occasions 4 for 10 (that is 10 Eastern Caribbean Dollars), non alcoholic beverages are also on sale.

Hashing offers a good time for the entire family (including the doggie clan). If you have a particularly energetic pup of dog (read…I think my dog might be crazy) this provides great form of exercise for them to let off a bit of steam too.

There are usually two trails, a walkers trail (shorter but challenging) and a runners trail (long, difficult and sometimes requires a rope or some other mechanism to get from one point to the next). Occasionally there is short walkers trail that will be the least challenging in both length and terrain.

Hashers, like any other group, have their traditions complete with an induction ceremony and certificates which you can show off to your friends. It is a great way to spend your Saturday evening. Hashers are not only Grenadians but people from all over the globe who are either visiting or have made Grenada their home and make for excellent company.

The hash usually starts at 4pm but get there half an hour early to hear the announcements and special messages about the trail.

For those of you who do not drive and do not have a ride with friends or family, hashers usually do pick ups at a designated area for a particular time which is on the way to the hash.
Hash #786

Information about this Hash, upcoming Hashes and past Hashes (complete with pictures) can be found on their website :
And also their facebook page:


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