The Challenge!

Last week some new friends and I met up for a sundowner at The Edge. I say new because we all started having somewhat regular contact with each other over the last 6-8 months due to similar interests. I got to the lime late, but, apparently just in time for the others to have conversations very specific to their sub group. As the sun almost kissed the ocean's horizon we all stood up to see whether we could catch the green flash. As the sun leaned in closer and closer, Adele, one of our group, invited us to release- release any expectations of what we thought we needed to be...just then...there it was...the green flash. I can't remember ever seeing it before. It was pure magic.

A lack of vegan menu options and a remark about seaweed salad helped us make the decision to take our lime to the island's first sushi restaurant- Carib Sushi. As the night progressed we we delighted in our sushi and indulged in inspiring conversation about the lessons of life's twisted journeys- romance, veganism, tantrums, manifesting business class tickets and meditation. The kind of talk that fills you up.

The end of our lime was signaled by Carib Sushi taking of the lights as it was time for them to close. This is not the first time interesting conversations have kept my butt glued to the seats of this particular restaurant lonnnnng past their opening hours.  Before we said our goodbyes we decided that an outing of this particular group had to happen again soon- we all had ideas of what we wanted to do. Like the democratic bunch we are- we decided to write down our chosen group activity and draw them from a takeaway bag to determine the order.

Here is the result!

Incase you cannot read our beautiful penmanship on the original manifesto here is the millennial friendly translation:

Thus the challenge was born. I call it a challenge because it has become so hard for me to commit to doing things with friends lately- things I know are good for me. So here we have it. I have created this blog post and I am letting it out into the universe. You can hold us accountable and I will update you as we progress.

First Stop- a 5:30 pm Beach Run- uhhh can I even run? We shall find out.

The Challenge Gang 

We made it! Albeit slightly late. With Toddler N in tow we took our group shot and began the journey down 3 mile long Grand Anse Beach just before sunset. Everyone went at their own pace- some ran, some walked, it was cool as long as we were all doing it.

At first I kept Toddler N in the ergobaby carrier but eventually she wanted out! That little kiddo surprised me! She walked a good bit of the way ( she refused to let anyone pick her up) and only attempted one run away into the ocean fully clothed (I held her giggly giddy self back just at the waters edge). At the end of the walk The Unicorn (formerly known as Adele) , Toddler N and I splashed around in the ocean as a reward.

Up Next- A New Moon Circle 


  1. I love these kinds of things. It is so lacking from my life. New CHALLENGE, make changes and make it happen. Good share.


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