How to Live your Dream Life in 5 Steps:Vision Board Workshop

(Photographer: Arthur Daniel) 

“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting"-Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist 

The fact that I am even writing this blog post is the result of believing in the power of manifestation , and, the audacity that I deserve to live a fulfilled and happy life in an authentic way...breaking the rules and finding my own path. 

About a month ago local artist and illustrator Stacey Byer invited me to an introductory vision board making workshop at the Connection*  on Lagoon Road. I was excited to attend the workshop since she sent me the invitation (about 3 weeks out)! I remember sending her the glitter throwing GIF on Facebook messenger and saying I felt like I won a prize. I do love me some intentional crafting! I have been making vision boards since I was pregnant with Baby N (now Toddler N). It is a wonderful way to articulate your hopes and dreams in a very tangible and visual way.  

Upon arriving at the workshop I was greeted by familiar faces- old school friends, Stacey and the mastermind behind The Connection, a shared workspace. Stacey started the workshop by explaining the philosophy behind making vision boards. I loved the perspective of the sceptic as she she explained what vision boards are and how they work. Almost like...I didn't think this ish could work...but it does and now I am sharing the good news!

Vision Boards are a visual representation of your hopes, dream and desires. They comprise images, words and diagrams cut from magazines that visually express all that you want for yourself in a very tangible (or sometimes not so tangible) way. Here is how it works:

Step 1 

Write a list of your hopes and your life would look if you could have whatever you wanted and needed to feel great. A simple guide...what does a happy healthy and whole life look like to you? I like listing by theme or catergory for example: family, home, career, spirituality/ wellness and travel. 

Step 2 

Sort through copious amounts of magazines and pick the images, phrases or words that correspond with the list you made in step 1.  

Step 3

Stick your cuttings onto the board (mine was yellow I have been feeling very attracted to this colour recently) in a way that feels best to you. Personally, I like to fill the centre of my board with what is most important to mine and my families sense of wellbeing.  I take this from the 
Feng Shui  philosophy- where the centre of your space must be tended to most lovingly. It is from this place that you feel healthy and fulfilled enough to enjoy all other aspects of your life. Then, I stick the rest of my cuttings in a way that can tell a story with images and words that compliment each other and make sense near each other. 

Step 4 

Look at your board and see whether you need anything else to complete your good vibes life vision. For me...I needed some glitter and stickers to just make that bad boy shine and sparkle like the piece of magic it is. 

Step 5 

Hang or place your vision board in a space where you can look at it often. Some people feel like even if it is rolled up in a closet it will still work (and have supported this with evidence). However, I enjoy looking at it often to remind myself of my priorities, hopes and dreams. The magic is in the reminder, the reminder that now what is left is to remain positive, centered, trusting and to take action to achieve what you desire.  

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this is the company of a positive and fun group of people. We drank wine,  ate cheese and pineapple screwers and helped each other find the images that best suited our vision. Some people wanted pictures of happy families, others a statement door, gardens and dream travel destinations. We worked together to make rock star vision boards and left happy and excited....much like how I arrived. 

I think vision board making would can be a  great group activity. I could imagine it working well if several people contributed to one vision board -for example a partners in a start up, a couple, family or team members. Discussing their interpretation of success and/or happiness, reconciling inconsistencies and searching for the ideal visual representations.  It is something that can be done periodically. I made one in January on a cork board with the idea that I wanted to be able to add or takeaway as I evolved mentally and spiritually. 

How has vision board making affected my life? I have taken action to move my life from where it was to where it is today...a positive direction if I do say so myself. My dreams were (and still are) at the forefront of my mind because I constantly looked at them. One example is a phrase from my first ever vision board being "Artist in Residence". At the time I was a full time practicing attorney just over a year out of law school. That has very little to do with art and I could not have began to figure out how I would get from there to being an "Artist in residence". I was blogging and taking photographs on the side for Grenada Soul Adventurer but the bulk of my energy was invested in a legal practice. 

Today I am an artist in residence...sort of...I work full time as part of a creative team, honing my craft in graphic design, writing and social media marketing. I have seen my creative and artistic work make strides much like an artist in residence would through concentrated work. This in turn has improved my content on my personal blog and has affirmed that a creative career is viable and fulfilling. For example, I spent the last 9 days attending, organising, documenting and promoting the Grenada Chocolate Fest with fellow team members and fellow the Spice Bloggers That is right...a CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL! 

(Photographer Arthur Daniel) 
This was work

Through my work I have attracted more opportunities and the right people who share my passions, curiosities and aspirations. The tribe that just gets me! We have inspired each other and have worked as a group for the empowerment of each of us. 

How does your happy, healthy and whole life look? Have you ever made a vision board before? How has it worked out for you? I would love to hear from you in the comments below and on social media.  

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*The Connection is a shared workspace comprising: a work room with desks and all the things you need at an office that can be shared by several people at once and a private meeting room. I have seen other bloggers, vloggers and independent creatives in the US and UK speak and show these kind of collective work spaces and hoped something like this would soon be available to us- especially since more and more people are putting their time into their passions and business ideas and often need a space where they can have the office experience without renting a space on their own.


  1. I love this post Sheba! So happy with our tribe too. Love and light x

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Our tribe is the best...time for another meet up.


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