Toddler Friendly Adventures in Grenada: Palm Tree Gardens

Dear Soul Adventurers,

I am back with another mama blog post: A Toddler Friendly Adventure in Grenada. As promised, content will be uploaded twice a month on the 7th and the 21st. Last month I posted about the meaning of the phrase "I love you". This was written by a secret guest blogger. If you are interested check it out.

#BabyN is now an undeniable toddler ( she will always be my baby). I love this stage of her life. She is starting to talk and it is so stinking cute! I am in love with her personality. She is an independent minded, wild, loud, loving, sassy and innocent force of nature. She is at the stage where  she needs time to run around and release her energy in a natural environment regularly (a girl after my own heart). She loves the ocean and approaches the crashing waves without even a shred of hesitation. I love it and it also makes me nervous. 😰

Last weekend I decided to take her to Palm Tree Gardens in Laura, St. David (about 25 minute drive from Grand Anse or St. George's town). It came highly recommended by a mama from my Mama Tribe (a tribe of 3 is still a tribe...shout out to Marie and Amber). We called Laurence Lambert, the owner, ahead of time to let him know we were on our way. He gives the guided tour himself so I don't recommend just showing up unannounced. We were the only ones there and had the privilege of a private tour free of charge.

The gardens are exactly what I had hoped for. At the entrance there is a grassy area perfect for running around barefoot. The parameter - blossoming with tropical fragrant flowers, ferns, shrubs and of guessed it, palms. Laurence took his time explaining each plant. Luckily Omi (German for Granny) Soul Adventurer was there to be a good guest because I spent a fair amount of time making sure #ToddlerN was not ingesting anything that she discovered on the ground (the joys of motherhood) and taking pictures.

What I loved most was the way we explored the garden- down stairs, small hills, narrow passage ways -all fringed with brightly coulored tropical plants. My favorite was a spot just at the end of the tour- after walking past what used to be pig pens, now filled with plants, there was a lone bench in a small grassy area. As I sat on the bench I became absolutely present, nature has a way of doing that. There was an enchanting view of different colorful orchids, palms, magenta bourganvillia and cocoa trees with their sunset coloured pods in the distance.

If you are ever looking for a toddler friendly adventure in Grenada, or,  if you are just a lover of nature I would definitely recommend this spot.

Palm Tree Gardens gets a Grenada Soul Adventurer...and Mama Bear stamp of approval!  

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  1. beautiful environment. BabyN is looking like a ray of sunshine in that yellow suit!

    1. She had a good time...until she got tired. I love that dress from Art Fabrik!


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