Finding Your Tribe: Spice Bloggers Meetup

I have to be honest about something that has occupied my thoughts recently- my growth as a blogger and writer. I started the year feeling very excited and enthusiastic about Grenada Soul Adventurer and my personal growth in 2017. I made plans to have 24 blog posts (2 per month). I knew my blog posts needed to be more consistent and frequent. I psyched myself up with big ideas and the task began to feel impossible. I made it too complicated and grand...too far beyond my mortal-mama-of-a-one-year-old-and-working-a-full-time-job reach. Thus far the number of blogs upload right here have been 2 in 2017. Half of what I set out to do! All big dreams and no big action.

Just before Christmas last year I met with Intuitive Health and Happiness Coach Adele from the amazing youtube channel Adele Smith to interview her for you guys. She does weekly card readings and motivational videos on her channel. After our first in person meet up...which was a two hour conversation (more on that to come soon) I felt strongly that I should have a personal card reading done by her. That card reading revealed positive career shifts and an exciting spiritual journey was in my future. I was given somewhat of a prescription. Part of the prescription, which was revealed on the angel board, was to find a support group-aka-my tribe.
As you may have known from one of my previous blog post (16 Amazing Things that Happened in 2016) I was featured as one of the Grenadian Blogs to follow in 2017 on Istra Bell's Blog  Islepreneur. After its publication there was a bit of buzz about blogging in Grenada (there are quite a few of us). Kindred spirit and fellow Grenadian  blogger and youtuber  Divya from was inspired to start a private Facebook group called "Spice Bloggers" in late January. She invited everyone she knew to blog and be Grenadian to join, including yours truly.

This group has given me life as a blogger! We share our posts, check in on each other, discuss things like consistency in uploading content and just about anything under the bright and warm Caribbean sun. It has become a safe and supportive sounding board to share those blog posts we percieved to be on less popular topics. These blog posts have stimulated meaningful, open and enlightening discussions. This is more than just a group to promote our work, it feels like a close knit tribe.

" I was excited for the meet be honest I was giddy"

On Saturday 4th March we finally met up at The Edge Bar and  Restaurant on Grand Anse Beach just in time witness the beautiful sunset . I was excited for the meet be honest I was giddy. By the time I was dressed and ready to head out of the door I almost did one of those comical skips where you jump into the air and touch your heals (you know what I am talking about).

Yuh gyul was scared to even be late (inevitably I was) just incase I missed out on introductions and exciting conversations. I arrived 20 minutes late and met almost everyone there. Many of us knew each other from school or through common friends (we live on a tiny island). We talked about all things from religion (in the most sincere and open of ways), spirituality, life philosophy, growing up as young women in Grenada, building websites, e-commerce, blogging as a business, skincare, healthy diet, self love...the list goes on.
 "I have a feeling that the bright future of blogging as people from small islands  is no longer a hazy distant dream"
Now that we have consolidated and mobilized I have a feeling that the bright future of blogging as people from small islands  is no longer a hazy distant dream. Already we have joined accountability support groups and starting to do the work to take our individual platforms to the next level. Meeting these wonderful souls  has not been an accident, the universe aligned it in this way to give us all the affirmation that we are not in it alone and that we are celebrated by our peers.

Have you found your tribe?

Tribes are important! You need positive people in your circle. Have you found your tribe? People who support your growth in a meaningful way?

If you are a Blogger in Grenada and have not yet been inducted into our group send me a message either here or on Facebook. If you would like to reach out to us as Grenadian Bloggers to spread the word about exciting things happening here on the island we are completely open to that too. We have been doing it for years. Each blogger has a unique voice and combined the topics we cover are almost limitless.

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