Practice Self Love: 24 Hours at Crayfish Bay Organic Estate

Self love and Self care have been huge buzz words recently.  Valentines Day is just around the corner and so I thought this post would be relevant at this time of year.  With so many things happening in our personal lives and in the world we often feel drained. It is important to take time to refill ourselves. For me it is very important to spend time alone with nature.

Sometime last year Baby N had a horrible week of teething which took a tole on both of us. I decided that when she was alright again that I would take a 24 hour mom-cation, our first 24 hours apart. As a mom, you rarely get time to yourself. You do a lot of taking care of others and often come up short. 

During the internet age pockets of time where you are not necessarily doing mom and family things are swallowed up with mindless internet browsing in an attempt to unwind (not effective in my experience). This is true for a lot of people, not just parents. There is constantly something that takes your attention and not enough moments to be.

To unplug from it all I spent a night at Crayfish Bay Organic Estate all by myself. I had visited this place during the Grenada Chocolate Fest and with friends before. I always knew that one day I would  return to spend a night. The energy there is soul soothing. 

Crayfish Bay Organic Estate mainly grows cocoa. It is owned by couple Kim and Lylette. Kim is a feisty man who loves making things and figuring out how it can be done on a budget . Lylette is a calm soul. They balance each other. Together they make Organic 75% Tree-to-Bar Chocolate. 

The estate is located towards the north of the island in a village called Non Pariel, St. Mark. It Is tucked into the lush verdant mountainside and has a stunning ocean view. My two bedroom cabin had an outdoor kitchen on a huge verandah. The luxury of the cabin lies in its simplicity and the good vibes is provides. 

Here is how I chose to spend my 24 Hour Self Love Momcation.

6 pm 

Depart from home - first stop: IGA Supermarket to purchase some food provisions for the next 24 hours. 

8 pm 

Arrival at Crayfish Bay Organic Estate 

When I arrived it was already dark. In my bag I packed my read at the time "The Celestine Prophesy", a change of clothes and a swimsuit (just incase), my Canon, Bullet Journal, toiletries and a little craft project I had been working on. 

I did not want to do much and I did not want to talk much. I just wanted to sleep for a full night and operate on my own time (I also really wanted to paint my nails and wash my hair without feeling nervous). 

The Next Morning 
After a full nights rest (oh it was glorious) I awoke at dawn to this view from my bedroom window.  
I took a walk through the estate meeting farmers and their friendly dogs returning home from their morning's work 
The Cabin has a generously sized verandah. Whichever way you look you feel at ease- from the calm Caribbean Sea to lush green mountainsides. 

When I returned to my cabin I had some delicious lemon grass tea and ate breakfast 

For lunch I took my time decorating my breakfast bowl with fruits, nuts and raisins. I topped it with cinnamon and local honey. It was important for me to infuse each meal with  love and care and not to feel rushed in the least.

I made my way down the west coast just in time to catch golden hour over the fishing capital of Grenada- Gouyave St. John

It had been almost one year since I spent 24 hours on my own. I am a woman who needs these moment to just exist without any demands and without the influence other people's energy. It is how I recharge. That is what self love/self care means to me. Unapologetically spending time exclusively tending to my needs and wants. How can we care for others if you don't take care of ourselves first? 

 What do you do to show love to yourself? How do you recalibrate? Is it a daily practice or something that does not happen enough?  I would love to hear from you.

Peace and Bliss 
Grenada Soul Adventurer 


  1. Ahhh... this is lovely. I'm really glad you enjoyed you one nighter at Crayfish Bay.

  2. Lovely Article, been up there a few times and its quite a relaxing spot indeed!
    it is true though, we all need a break from information overload ever so often, it is a pretty good recommendation.

    1. Crayfish Bay has great vibes. Thanks for your comment

  3. That sounds awesome and I can certainly do with a day as calm and peaceful. I believe I have that place on my to do Grenada list :-). Can't wait to experience it. Great share

    1. Great place to have on the list. I hope you make it there! The vibes are amazing

  4. Enjoyed reading you 24hr mom-cation, almost felt like I was there just looking at the pictures. I show myself love by staying away from technology for 1 week or 2, giving my self a pamper from head to toe, or at times I would go to the beach/ hike; soak in the silence around me. I try to do this once a month, or whenever I feel I need to recharge. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Wow, staying away from the technology must be challenging! But I bet it feels great to unplug. I like the pampering too...I like your style girl! Having a practice of self love and knowing that it needs to happen in order for us to maintain a good relationship with ourselves is important. Your practice is giving me all kinds of inspiration.

  5. What an amazing and beautiful day you had all to yourself! I love it! I think so much do e take for granted the ability to do a task without knowing that any moment someone will ask something of us. It always has a person listening for something else, one foot in and one foot out of the moment at hand... I'm glad you had the time to yourself to sit and read and be, those moments are so important for pouring into ourselves so that we actually have substances to give when we are ready to give of ourselves ya know?

    1. Hey Liz, Yes! The anxiety of being interrupted is real for me. That is why I love alone time. Thank you for your supportive words! We cannot neglect ourselves and give wholeheartedly to our own wellbeing...without guilt.


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