Raw Vegan Grenada Chocolate Nice Cream

My Dear Soul Adventurers,

You know how I am always on the lookout for those healthy desserts that I won't have to feel any guilt about eating. Well, when I add our local chocolate into the mix it pretty much just turns to magic. This year I joined the Grenada Chocolate Fest team and I am almost jumping out of my skin with excitement for 10 days (May 13th to 22nd) of celebrating our Grenadian first class cocoa. To do the ultimate writer "no no" I am about to go right ahead and say...I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Want to read more about the festival? Stay tuned as I blog over at www.grenadachocolatefest.com and follow Grenada Chocolate Fest on Facebook, instagram and twitter. 

Now on to the Nice Cream I have been whipping up in my kitchen. If you have been following me on Instagram (you should if you are not already) you would have seen me post a picture and rave about this delicious creation a few weeks ago. The best part is that it contains no sugar and is made from all local ingredients. Ok that is not completely accurate, the cocoa crunch which I topped it with contains some sugar (but you can leave it out). Nice cream has been making its rounds on the internet, I have tried making it in different ways but the chocolate version is the winner in my books.


6 Bananas
4 Tbl Spoons Grenadian Cocoa Powder
Vanilla Essence
Almond Essence

  1. Cut bananas into slices and freeze overnight ( I say over night, but really just keep them in the freezer until they are frozen)
  2. Blend Frozen Banana Slices with all the other ingredients until it forms a smooth paste
  3. Top with Caribbean Naturals Cocoa Crunch (optional, really you can top it with whatever you like) 
It is that simple and oh so delicious. 

Have you been experimenting with delicious yet healthy alternatives? Drop me some recipes below so I can try them out. The post pregnancy body struggle is real out here!! 


  1. It looks wonderful! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)


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