Keeping it Simple: Anandale Waterfall

Yesterday we decided to keep it simple and head to Anandale Waterfall for a quick cool down. The heat is still out of control and has literally motivated me to spend more time near cool bodies of water. I feel drawn to lush green shaded spots where I can get some sort of asylum from this crazy weather that has me sweating in places I can't remember ever sweating before. 

If you are looking for an easily accessible waterfall I would definitely recommend Ananadale. It is about a 20 minute drive from the capital city St. George's and no hiking is involved. Although be warned, you may find yourself suddenly being observed by hoard of tourists who are often brought to this popular waterfall. 

Something exciting and pretty entertaining that happens at Anandale are the professional jumpers. They stand at the top of the waterfall and jump into relatively shallow water. Their bravery sometimes inspires others to attempt it too. I have never done it personally but I can imagine it to be quite a rush. 

After the waterfall we headed a little further into the mountains in direction Grand Etange lake to capture the sunset. It seemed like the further up the mountain we climbed the cooler it got...sweet relief! 

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Peace and Bliss and Cool Vibes,

Grenada Soul Adventurer


  1. Such dynamic shots!
    Take a heave from the top of the waterfall too. :D
    Prepare yourself, of course.
    I want to read a 2.0 to this post with your experience from it!

  2. It will take a whole lot for me to make that jump! Maybe one day


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