Welcome to Love: Carriacou : A Photo Diary


In early December last year we decided to plan a mini vacation in Yanna's vacation and run away to Carriacou, our smaller sister island, for the weekend. Life in Grenada is simple but it is even more relaxed over in Carriacou. We spent our time wondering through the streets of the capital, Hilsbourough, relaxing at the beach, snorkelling, midnight cooking and lots of loving and laughing.

Yanna is my first friend and we had not seen each other in over 15 years. Needless to say we were both a bit nervous about how 2.5 weeks under the same roof would pan out. People change, it is true, but in our case those 2.5 weeks were a reminder of our childhood selves. The little girls who believed in magic, secret languages, adventure and copious amounts of sugar.


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