True Love Story

Healing the Inner Child by Willow Arlenea

And there I was, walking weary, with a bit of a gangster lean- having passed through the thickness of shadowy overgrown and wild terrain, not knowing how long the discomfort would last and when, if ever, the path would smoothen out. To my relief I came to a clearing. An almost blinding brightness shun in the distance . Feeling more motivated and quite curious I continued to walk, though weary, with more enthusiasm.

I began to feel the warmth of this light only to recognize that the luminous being bore my own likeness.  Indeed it was me. A me filled with unconditional love patiently awaiting our sweet embrace. This love was here to stay. In my own presence I began to undress- removing the armor that encased my essence- an entanglement of  the parts I was proud of and other I was not so proud of. I felt safe. I no longer judged my past transgressions against myself and others- I recognized it as a profound and inescapable part of my human journey, the very path that had lead me to this very glorious encounter. And I found compassion dwelling within the long forgotten depths of my own self- compassion for my own self. Here begins the healing...


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